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New condo in Alexandra

Using a fundamentally innovative method of the contemporary living, The Interlace is probably the most bustling and larger than life projects in Singapore. The creative and thoughtful design by Ole Schereen (partner of OMA), The Interlace sets a fresh benchmark by moving away in the trend of vertical apartment towers in Singapore. This innovative design enables the huge complex to only integrate to the surrounding luscious green area and in addition provides the units inside complex an interconnected approach throught its common areas.

New condo in Alexandra
Each apartment block is of six floors and thirty-one such identical blocks are piled inside a hexagonal design forming eight huge penetrated courtyards. This hexagonal structure was created in such a way that the entire complex gets proper ventilation and sun light complementing the landscape around it. The Interlace, put together by CapitalLand and Hotel Properties Limited, has 170,000 square meters accommodating 1040 apartments of different sizes.

The website for your complex stretches between Singapore’s Kent Bridge, Telok Blangah Hill and Mount Faber Parks is big as well as the style of the complex takes benefits of its generous size. The Interlace complex is conveniently at the junction from the Depot Road as well as the Alexandra Road also to its north is the Ayer Rajah Expressway. Residents from the complex provide an benefit to take pleasure in the nature trails with the Gillman Village that is near by and simply walk approximately the restaurants in the lose proximity. With individual landscaping done on each one of the eight courtyards, additionally they form points of interest to the surrounding blocks, increasing the good thing about the complex. Apart from the continual tabs on 1 KM along the circumference of the complex that functions as a jogging track, you can find number paths and footpaths formed for your pedestrians to commute in the main entrance and also the individual homes.

Interlace is spread across eight hectares and with extensive roof gardens, landscaped terraces and luscious green meadow throughout, the complex promises a serene environment. The private balconies of the apartments permit you to maintain your personal plants. Cascading gardens within the facades with the buildings perfectly complement the tropical landscape round the complex. The complex may be made to enhance the sustainability by analyzing sun, wind and other microclimate conditions. The placement of water bodies can be strategically done in to allow evaporative cooling across the wind paths to cut back the local air temperature to supply a pleasant outdoor recreation space. With all these amenities and the ease of location and several other such factors, you are able to certainly look ahead to using a secured and peaceful living at The Interlace.

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